“Go after the lost one sheep until you find it. When you find it, put it across your shoulders, and when you get home call in your friends and say, Celebrate with me! I found a lost sheep!” Luke 15:4

When you think of orphans, you may only think of those from other nations. However, orphans are closer than you think. For all practical purposes, many of the children in American foster care are orphans with little hope of finding a mother and father they can call their parents. They change homes and “parents” more often than the seasons change. Our FORthe1 program  seeks Christian families who will respond to these orphans all around us. The Bible commands us to care for orphans.

The government cannot do what God has given the church to do … Caring compassionately for the ones too young to care for themselves! James 1:27

If we neglect them, many are in great danger of becoming our next generation’s prison population and welfare recipients. They will not be equipped to raise healthy families. Family is God’s design for children … real family … a real family that give you their name! That’s called adoption!

FORthe1 is an extension of our abortion alternative ministry, Loving Alternative. In a sense, these children have been aborted by neglect and abuse. They have been deprived of the life that two loving parents can give.

This program started from a phone call that came to us six years ago. The Youth With A Mission ministry in Houston called us to help a 14-month-old baby girl, a child of one the street moms they had been ministering to.  Her mother was not able to take care of her. We responded, and a door opened for this little girl to be placed in a Christian home. Our Tyler office has field workers in Houston who continue to provide licensed foster care and adoptive families for these children in the Houston courts.

What began in Houston has come to Tyler. We do not contract with any government agency to care for these children.


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