Fatherheart is more than a maternity home. It’s a protected environment where young women find loving house parents and staff who support them emotionally and spiritually through their pregnancies. The girls at Fatherheart are able to continue their education, receive medical care and counseling, and experience camaraderie with other girls in the house. Because our staff understands that choosing between parenting and adoption is such a difficult and personal decision, we offer support for either choice and help to lay a foundation for success for both the mother and her child. This home is open to those who genuinely desire to learn and to prepare for their future and for their baby’s future. Residents are not charged a “fee,” but families who are able to help with their daughter’s expenses are encouraged to do so on a donation basis.

Fatherheart is a real home with 12 bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and three fireplaces. It’s nestled among the East Texas pine and oak trees on 40 acres in a peaceful country setting.

The house parents live in the home with the young moms. Traditional family living includes having meals as a “family,” attending church on Sunday morning and evening, game nights, barbecues, fun outings, and more.

Each young mom also has a chance to grow emotionally, academically and spiritually through carefully planned programs. In the mornings and afternoons, high school and middle school students attend our on-site Premier High School, where they earn transferable class credits. The self-paced curriculum allows students to complete their education faster than in a traditional school setting. Students who struggle academically also have an opportunity to slow down and bridge gaps that they may bring from their earlier educational experiences. GED and college preparation courses are also available.

In the late afternoon, the young women attend Life Skills classes. All residents attend these classes together, and different speakers talk about a variety of subjects and/or provide hands-on activities.



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