Adoptive Families Picnic

Every spring, families who have adopted children through Loving Alternative ministry gather on the grounds of Fatherheart to celebrate adoption. To date, more than 300 children have found forever families through Loving Alternative. Behind each little delightful face, there is a birthmother. Some may have made this sacrificial decision of adoption just weeks ago. Others may have made the decision more than 20 years ago.
We celebrate not only the child’s life but the lives of all who make our “Celebrate
Adoption” day possible. The birthmothers will see the pictures of the kids at play and will celebrate the vibrancy of their lives. The kids enjoy this special play day as they see other families brought together by God’s love in adoption. The parents are reminded that
adoption is a unique and joyful journey, and they can glean from the experience of
others on the same path.

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