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Jessica was twenty-nine years old and had been using drugs for nine years prior to coming to Fatherheart. An extensive history of a fragmented family life made her particularly vulnerable to the drugs she was offered in high school. Her peer group introduced her to methamphetamines that controlled her life and made it impossible for her to graduate. A series of failed relationships left her with four children. Child Protective Services (CPS) removed her two little strawberry blond girls. She lost her parental rights when she failed to successfully complete her service plan. Two more babies were removed from her as newborns at the hospital when drugs were found in her system. All of this had taken place over an eight-year span before the day she walked into Fatherheart, pregnant with her 5th child.

CPS knew her history but so did Jesus. He found her and life has taken on a whole new purpose. Jessica gave birth to a baby girl, Haven Faith, at Fatherheart. They are still with us receiving discipleship and the help they need on a daily basis. Jessica is finishing high school and will soon be receiving her diploma.

Jessica shares… “I have been clean for over a year since I found Christ. It’s a new start for Haven and me. God has been beside me, walking me through everything and it has been awesome. I prayed a lot and He got me through. I owe it all to Him. I wish I had known about Fatherheart with my first pregnancy, my path would have been drastically different if I had their help then. I want Haven to do all the things I didn’t – finish school and never do drugs. Now I have a baby that will call me Mom!” 



Jessica was thirty-two when she came to Fatherheart. jessica-&-chris
She’d been using drugs since she was eleven. This would be her sixth pregnancy. The first had ended
in an abortion and then came a miscarriage. She and her husband had a blended family of five boys. The court had terminated all of their parental rights long ago because of their addiction.

Jessica’s time at Fatherheart was been marked by a deep hunger for God. She couldn’t get enough bible studies and spent five evenings a week in group meetings where she received specific discipleship to help her overcome the bondage she was in. She plans on staying around godly people. Her husband has turned his life around too. Since their baby girl, Haven Lee, has arrived, they are both currently in a full time discipleship school. We are grateful to the Lord for all that he has done and will continue to do in their lives.
Jesus sets captives free.




Living Alternatives has had a productive start in the first quarter of 2015.

briar-&-jenniferOur dedicated missionary house staff are intentional about every aspect of the daily life at Fatherheart. Each day includes discipleship classes, meal preparations and fun times. Four babies were born recently. Here is one highlight…

Zion’s mom was two months pregnant when she found her way to us, all the way from New Jersey. She kept us on the edge of our seats. We never knew what she’d say or do next. She made the announcement one day,

“I’ll just carry my baby in a Wal-Mart shopping bag”. :-) We now see a loving, tender and calm mom, who has a foundation in her life and the desire to guide Zion to be a man of God someday.


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