At Molly’s* first appointment she could barely keep her eyes open. Raising two energetic little boys, being pregnant, and having a partner that worked out of town was harder than she ever imagined. As all Mamas know, motherhood is not for the faint of heart, and this season in Molly’s life was taking a toll on her physical and mental health.

The child care during her Building Blocks appointments was the only time she got a break. Molly’s mentor realized quickly that what she needed most was rest. In order to accommodate her, she would let her take a nap in the mentoring rooms after her appointment was finished.

As Molly began to feel safe and supported, trust started to build with her mentor. At one of her appointments, she opened up about the depth of her mental health struggles. It was apparent that she wanted and needed immediate professional help.

It was a beautiful experience to watch as staff from several different areas of Living Alternatives dropped what they were doing to surround this family. We arranged the legal documents to have one of our staff care for her boys so she could check herself into an inpatient program. We communicated with her partner, who made arrangements to come home. Her mentor was by her side the whole time.

Her partner arrived a few days later and picked up their boys. He joined our fatherhood program. His mentor was able to help him process everything going on and to support him as he carried his family in a difficult time.

Molly was able to get the help she needed and a few weeks later came home to her family. Her partner was able to find a local job, which was a huge relief. She continues on in our program and is also in our childbirth classes!

Molly’s 3rd child is due to arrive in a few months. She is moving forward with gratitude and hope! We are so proud of the way Molly chose what was best for herself and her family, even when it was tough.

Danielle Chapman

Danielle Chapman

Building Blocks Program Director

*Name has been changed.