A Passion for Childbirth

I met Jane through our parenting mentorship program at Building Blocks. As a first-time mom, she had a million questions. With the excitement of pregnancy came a lot of anxiety. Through the course of our visits, I told her about birth classes at Axia. She attended every class, did further research on her own, and took an active role in care. Jane requested that I be her doula as we already had an established relationship. Her main concern leading up to the birth was the possibility of having a cesarean. Though she was prepared if that became necessary, she was still fearful. At the time of crowning, she had a moment of doubt. She tearfully said she couldn’t continue and asked for a C-section. As her partner looked at me with concern, I knew I had to do something. I grabbed Jane’s hand and placed it on the baby’s emerging head. She looked at us in shock, and with a renewed sense of strength, she delivered her baby. Supporting her in the sacred space of birth was a privilege and a joy.

My own story includes having a traumatic first birth, and I knew I had to do things differently with my second child’s delivery. I researched my options and learned about doulas. As I interviewed my first choice for a doula, there was an instant sense of calm and connection. She gave me unbiased information and helped me have confidence in my decisions about the birth. She supported me wholeheartedly. The experience was empowering, restorative, and healing. Shortly after, I knew I wanted to do the same for other women. As I was “doom scrolling” one night on Facebook, I came across a post about doula training with Living Alternatives. I attended in January 2020 with no real expectations other than receiving my certification. Over the next year, I developed a passion for childbirth⏤from learning to assisting, to teaching, and more. I am now the program director of our birth services program, Better2gether, and I know this is precisely where the Lord wants me.

Danielle Tackett

Childbirth Services Program Director

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