Hannah’s stay in jail was longer than she’d hoped. Her precious baby boy would be born before she was released. With no family, no friends, and no one to help, adoption was the most loving choice. If the plan wasn’t made, CPS would take the baby from the hospital, and what would become of his life? A rescue plan had to be made.

A bargain was made for Hannah’s early release from jail. She would trade jail time for a year-long rehab program. Early release was an answer to Hannah’s prayers. Her precious baby wouldn’t be born while she was in jail. Arrangements were made for Hannah to come to Fatherheart Maternity Home to finish the last month of her pregnancy. This would allow time for Loving Alternative to work with Hannah on her adoption plan.

The night before Hannah was released from jail, she had to be rushed to the hospital. She was preeclamptic, and baby Levi entered the world three and a half weeks premature, requiring a few weeks in the NICU. When he was ready for release, he was placed with one of Loving Alternative’s amazing foster families.

When Hannah came to Fatherheart, she had to adjust to life outside of jail. She had just had a baby and was walking the journey of adoption. She’d had a lifetime of trauma that she dealt with through addiction, and was uncertain whether our missionary staff was prepared or equipped to deal with all the issues she was facing. She was traumatized and paralyzed.

Hannah and Levi’s journey in adoption hit a snag when Levi’s biological father decided to contest Hannah’s adoption decision and fight for custody, taking us on many unexpected twists and turns that meant Hannah needed to continue to stay at Fatherheart. What was supposed to be a month turned into a year.

But the Hannah we first met a year ago was a shell of the Hannah we see today. She has been transformed by the love of Christ, demonstrated by our Living Alternatives staff. Her eyes, once filled with sadness and uncertainty, are now filled with light and life. The person who used to cope with stress and trauma through addiction celebrated a year of sobriety and now relies on her deep faith in God to see her through life’s difficulties. The woman who was all alone when she came to us is surrounded by a “FAMILY” that loves her and is committed to her and her future. What started as a rescue mission for a baby became a rescue mission for a mom.

Carol Morgan

Carol Morgan

Loving Alternative Program Director