Jessica arrived at Fatherheart after a two-day Greyhound bus ride from Las Vegas to Tyler. We interviewed Jessica via Skype and we weren’t sure she would actually get on a bus and travel the 48 hours she needed to start a new life, but deep down she knew that this was her only hope. She was only nine weeks pregnant, one week off of meth, and close to being homeless. Throughout the phone interview, I could hear the desperation in her voice as her story unfolded. Everyone has a story but Jessica’s was heartbreaking as many of our young women’s stories are.

Jessica had lived quite a life for her 33 years, she had been on drugs since she was 11 and started meth at 13, she had left her husband, lost three children to Child Protective Service and now was looking for a new beginning for her and her unborn baby.

At first, Jessica was cautious, questioning the staffs’ motives.

She later told us she was wondering, “Why were these people being so nice, they must want something from me.” But she soon realized that we sincerely cared for her.

She let her walls down and began to trust the staff and to open up with her struggles from her past and her desire to see her life turned around. It was obvious that Jessica was “all in” and desperate to get the help she needed to be a good mom to her baby.

She attended church, was very attentive in our Christian Living classes, and vibrantly growing in her relationship with the Lord. She was a model resident.

During her time with us, Jessica began to restore her relationship with her husband, Chris. After Jessica delivered her baby, Haven, she and Chris continued on in a Christian program. When things began to fall apart, Jessica reached back to Fatherheart for help and we were able to help her check herself into a drug rehab program. She encouraged Chris to do the same; she knew he needed to get help if their marriage was ever going to work.

After she completed the drug rehabilitation she and Chris hit a few bumps and Jessica decided to do a Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission and Chris finally checked into a Christian drug rehabilitation program. Jessica and Chris didn’t give up on the hope of being a family and a safe place for their daughter, Haven. They both now are thriving in their relationship with the Lord, working and attending church, and have recently moved back to Lindale because of the strong support they have there.

Many young women come through the doors of Fatherheart, some are homeless, just getting off drugs, or have no family support, but each has an opportunity to see their lives restored if they come willingly…
Fatherheart Maternity Home has been home to over 600 young women. It is a place where our residents can find a safe haven, new beginnings, and hope for their future.

Lorin Roncancio

Lorin Roncancio

Fatherheart Program Director