A Vision for 2021

2020 may go down as one of the hardest in our lifetime. We have made significant adjustments in the way we live, from wearing masks to changes in public gatherings and social distancing. But we’ve also had significant scientific achievements to find a vaccine in record time.

While there may be some debate about how serious this health challenge has been, there is no debate about how it has changed society’s way of doing almost everything in a relatively short period of time- all done to try to defend and protect lives. This significant change in a relatively short period of time gives me hope for the possibility of lasting change in protecting unborn life.

We have been fighting this fight for many years since Roe Vs. Wade legalized abortion in the United States. Seeing our country make a major swerve in the way we do almost everything in order to contain Covid-19 gives me hope that we will eventually reach a tipping point on Abortion. Who would have thought at this time last Christmas 2019 that we would be living as differently as we are now? I would love to see the same sort of change take place when it comes to unborn life. God can turn things around quickly.

2021 is bringing some fresh changes and new beginnings to Living Alternatives. We are re-opening our Fatherheart maternity home to house women with unplanned pregnancies. We are welcoming new house parents who will be joining us in February. We are purchasing a mobile unit for pregnancy testing and sonograms which will allow us to reach women in underserved areas in and around Tyler. We will be driving to communities all over East Texas including Henderson, Athens and Lindale. (If you’re aware of a community which could benefit from this service we’d love to hear from you).

We have approximately 10 new staff and volunteers joining us by February and are so excited for more ministry partners. If you have a desire to volunteer at Living Alternatives, you can find a link on our website at livingalternatives.org/volunteer. We are always looking for people who share our heart for women with unplanned pregnancies and the babies they carry to partner with us.

We are trusting God to make 2021 a year where the tide turns for the unborn in the U.S.A.



Exectutive Director

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