Abundant Help

In the course of my time at Axia, I have witnessed many women come in to select the items they need to care for their children. One of those women was Dulce, who seemed a little downcast the first time she entered the Axia shop.

She told me she had some health complications which were affecting her tremendously. She seemed very sad. I could tell she was having a hard pregnancy. She seemed to struggle to even know what she needed for her child. Flash forward to delivery day and she had no newborn items for her child. Because of this, her sister came to the shop asking us if she could use Dulce’s points to get her the newborn items she needed. She was able to get all of the items needed for her sister’s newborn baby. As a result, Dulce did not have to worry or stress about her son having clothes or diapers. Instead, she could spend her postpartum time recovering from a stressful pregnancy and receive the care necessary to help her to get to a better mental state. Since the arrival of her baby boy, she has recovered tremendously and has begun to radiate joy again!

Being ready when a crisis occurs makes the shop at Axia a dependable and key resource in all of our client’s lives. Last year alone we gave away over 700 packs of diapers and over 1,800 baby outfits! Clients like Dulce remind us that these gifts help mothers in their times of need. Having a reliable source they can count on has helped countless women through some of the most challenging moments of their lives.

Thanks be to God, many of these women, like Dulce, can radiate joy now because they can help provide for their children at the shop.

Grace Vierling

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