Balloon Popping

During a KEEPS Kamp summer session, the speaker talked to the roomful of teen girls from foster care about how the Enemy is a deceiver who lies to us. She then explained who God is, His redemptive plan for our life, and the truths He says over who we are. As an application to the teaching, the Kampers wrote lies they believed about themselves and their lives on a balloon. If they wanted to, each girl would share what she wrote on her balloon and pop it! A simple act symbolizing the lies vanishing and being replaced with God’s truth.

During this time, Linda, one of the Kampers, sat alone in the corner. Blair, one of the KEEPS Kamp staff, went over to sit with her. When Blair asked Linda how she was doing, Linda’s response was, “There are a million other girls for you to care about, so you should go care for them and not me.” Blair reassured Linda that she cared about her and wanted to see how she was doing. If looks could kill, Blair would have died at that moment. She continued to sit with Linda in the awkward silence. Linda told Blair multiple times not to sit with her and to leave. But Blair sat, interceding for Linda, asking God for a breakthrough in Linda’s heart. When the teacher talked about the Enemy and his lies, Linda began to cuss and make remarks. Blair continued praying, asking God for His truth to be made known to Linda.

Linda grabbed one of the balloons and wrote all over it. Then read what she’d written in front of everyone. When she popped it, all the girls cheered for Linda and encouraged her by saying truthful things about her. The opposite of the lies she’d read off. As they met in their small groups afterward, Linda asked Blair if she could pray first. Her prayer was heartfelt, asking God that all the girls at Kamp would feel His presence and receive a breakthrough.

We don’t know the exact things God did in her heart. We just know He was moving and speaking to Linda, and she responded to Him.

Emily Huerta

KEEPS Program Director

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