Avery was living in a hotel when she reached out for help. She was five months pregnant and living with a friend, but things fell apart in their relationship. She was only 20 years old and knew she had broken trust with her parents, so going home was no longer an option.

When Avery was 16, her parents sent her to a boarding school, hoping she would understand they could not allow her to live the lifestyle she was living. She had been caught sneaking out several times, drinking, and partying as well as having physical fights with her brother.

After returning home from boarding school, it didn’t take long for Avery to return to her “old ways,” and she began having conflicts with her parents. Avery soon became tired of their rules and decided she wouldn’t follow them any longer, so she moved out when she was 19 years old. Avery lived with a few different friends, but things never seemed to work out long term, and her most recent home was a hotel. After discovering she was pregnant, she knew her baby needed more than what she could provide.

Fatherheart was quite an adjustment for Avery, but she soon realized this was her best option and that the staff cared for her. Once she started “settling in,” she was able to re-establish her relationship with her parents. They saw the positive changes Avery was making for both herself and her unborn baby.  

When Avery first came to Fatherheart, she wasn’t sure if her parents would support her at all. But they have come alongside her and are an emotional support to Avery. It has been encouraging to see Avery and her parents begin a fresh new relationship. Avery’s parents now have a great relationship with their daughter and their baby granddaughter, Caroline.

Avery sees that her time at Fatherheart has helped her stop and think about her future with Caroline and realize what’s really important.

“Spending time with my friends used to seem to be the most important, but now I see my priorities differently.”

Avery and baby Caroline are continuing to live at Fatherheart. Avery is working as a kennel assistant at a veterinarian clinic and continuing to grow and work on being a good mom.

Lorin Roncancio

Lorin Roncancio

Fatherheart Program Director