When we hear “abortion,” we immediately focus on saving the life of a baby. But gaining God’s perspective can also take our focus to the mother.

An abortion-minded girl came in one day to determine the type of abortion she needed. Would it be a pill or surgical? That was her focus. Out of a broken family and raised in survival mode, parenting was a foreign concept. She was convinced abortion was her only choice.

What did this specific girl need to hear? We prayed for God’s guidance. If our attention is only on the situation, then we are no different than the world.

Our focus shifted to her. We asked her if she knew God created her for a purpose, that she had value, and that she was loved. Silence fell, and we waited. Something within her broke, and tears began rolling down her cheeks. The simple question we asked tore down her defenses. Her heart was now open to receive God’s love for her and her situation.

A week later, she walked in smiling with genuine excitement about being a mother, and the joy of having reconciled her relationship with the baby’s father.

Every girl has a unique story, but they all need to encounter the love of God.

Jonna Russell-Brack

Pregnancy Resource Center Director