I See a Heartbeat

Axia received a phone call from a young lady who had taken the abortion pill. Her voice was full of regret, as she desperately wanted to undo her mistake. The nurse knew the girl was running out of time and scheduled an ultrasound appointment for the next day. When the girl arrived the next morning, the nurse was inwardly anxious yet self-composed as she met her at the door and showed her into the ultrasound room. She thoroughly explained the process, had the girl lie down, and squeezed the ultrasound gel onto her abdomen. She moved the transducer across the young lady’s stomach, eagerly looking at the monitor, and prayed to see a heartbeat appear. Keeping her cool and controlling her facial expressions as the young lady nervously looked back and forth from the nurse to the monitor, the nurse suddenly saw what she had been praying for. A tiny and yet fast little flicker of light appeared on the screen. She looked at the young lady and, with a huge smile, said, “I see a heartbeat!” Words that bring joy, tears, and peace all at the same time.

Embodying this flicker was a thriving 9-week-old baby. Although relieved and hopeful, the nurse knew this was the beginning of a battle with time as the young lady immediately needed to take progesterone to reverse what the abortion pill was trying to do. The nurse and the young lady prayed together, knowing that this heartbeat was a miracle. When the nurse asked the young lady why she had reached out to Axia, she explained, “I came in last week for a pregnancy test. Everyone made me feel so incredibly valued and cared for.” The nurse smiled as she encouraged the young woman for the long road ahead.

Months later, the nurse received a text showing a beautiful picture of that young lady holding her baby girl with a message reading, “Thank you SO MUCH for everything you did to help us in the beginning. I couldn’t forget to share this with you.”

Jonna Brack

Pregnancy Resource Center Program Director

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