A Lasting Bond Between Two Families

Kimberly made the courageous decision to place her first son, Jonathan, through the Loving Alternative Adoption Agency five years ago. Aware that her life wasn’t as stable as needed for effective parenting, she understood the challenges of the adoption journey yet believed it would offer Jonathan the life he deserved. When she came across Chris and Sarah’s adoption profile, she immediately sensed they were the perfect adoptive couple for Jonathan. Over the past five years, these two families have nurtured a special relationship centered around celebrating Jonathan’s life.

Upon discovering her pregnancy with her second son, Caleb, Kimberly knew instinctively that entrusting him to Chris and Sarah was the most loving choice for his future. Having witnessed the love and stability provided to Jonathan by his adoptive family, Kimberly felt confident in her decision. She recognized the mutual love and care shared between them and her own family and believed it would be ideal for her two sons to grow up together.

Chris and Sarah, married for 11 years and unable to conceive, were overjoyed when Loving Alternative called to inform them that Kimberly had chosen them to adopt Jonathan. They saw it as a divine calling and were committed to nurturing their relationship with Kimberly and her family. When Kimberly became pregnant again, she immediately contacted Loving Alternative, coincidentally as Chris and Sarah pursued a second adoption through the agency. God had answered Jonathan’s prayer for a sibling, and the prospect of the brothers growing up together, sharing their lives and adoption stories, filled them with excitement.

The bond between the two families deepened when Kimberly invited Chris, Sarah, and Jonathan to join them in the hospital for Caleb’s birth. Witnessing the love and admiration shared between the families as they welcomed Caleb into the world was a precious moment. Surrounded by the affection of his two families, Caleb entered the world with a strong foundation of love and support.

For Kimberly, the journey to adoption demanded immense courage. It’s a path fraught with challenges, yet fueled by love and the desire to provide the best possible life for her sons. Loving Alternative stands alongside birth mothers like Kimberly, offering emotional support and guiding them through the transformative power of God’s love.

Ultimately, Kimberly’s decision exemplifies the profound impact of love and selflessness. Through her bravery, she has not only shaped the lives of her sons but also forged a lasting bond between two families united in love and commitment. Her story is a beautiful reminder of the incredible strength and selflessness that can be found in the human heart.


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