Loving Alternative

Loving Alternative Adoptions supports all members of the triad of adoption – birth-parent, adoptive parents, and the child – through the process of adoption.  A firm foundation is critical. Adoption requires a lot of tender loving care. Understanding, patience, and a healthy respect for each other’s position are crucial, not just initially but for the next 18+ years that follow adoption day.


As an adoption ministry, our goal is to unite unrelated people into a unique adoptive unit. Similar to marriage, adoption unites people in a special conventual fashion. Just as love is vital to a successful marriage, it is also paramount in adoption. Love, by definition, gives sacrificially, denies self-interest, and places another before itself.

Loving Alternative prepares, equips, and guides birth and adoptive parents through the unique positions they each have in the adoption process. Adoption is a fragile process for all involved.  An adoption plan enables each person to participate in a divine plan that honors and respects each other, with the common goal of extravagant love for one precious newborn baby.


Loving Alternative is blessed to have assisted both birth and adoptive parents with an adoptive plan for more than 200 babies.