The Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) was started in 1982, by giving out a single pregnancy test to a woman in need. All these years, and tens of thousands of pregnancy tests later, it has all culminated into what we see today. 

The PRC is a vital program at our brand new AXIA center, strategically located across the street from Tyler Junior College. Currently, we see an average of 175 clients per month between our free pregnancy tests and free ultrasounds. We strive to show Value, Worth, and Dignity to every person who walks through our doors. Whether they are the mother, father, or just a friend; regardless of their intentions of keeping the baby or not. Our highest concern is that they feel loved, heard, and understood during this, oftentimes, crisis situation. 

We desire that every parent would come to the understanding of who they are in Christ, and see the value of the life inside them. It is a privilege to get to walk alongside these individuals at such a pivotal time in their life. We have a rare opportunity to bring light into an oftentimes dark and hopeless situation. We see parents make life-changing decisions on a regular basis. 

One example of that is our new friend, Katrina. She’s a young woman who came into our center a couple of weeks ago, needing a pregnancy test. Once she got her positive test results, she was scared and believed abortion to be the best solution to her “problem.” However, through our committed team of volunteer advocates, and nursing staff, we were able to provide a safe space for her to share her concerns. We were able to assure her that she would not have to walk this road alone and that she had alternative solutions to her situation, other than abortion. 

By the time she had her ultrasound, she made the life-saving choice to keep her baby, and even asked if she could have a Bible. Katrina is now enrolled in our parenting mentorship program and is being equipped with the knowledge and understanding that she is loved by God and that she is capable of raising this child. 

Crisis pregnancy situations like Katrina’s are far too common, but through the body of Christ, we can ensure that the outcome of LIFE is just as common!

Stephen Settle

Stephen Settle

Operations & PRC Director