Erin waited at the Loving Alternative adoption office with rapt attention to any hint of a sound approaching the door.

She could hardly contain the flood of emotions surging through her heart. She’d hoped for this moment and dreamed of it in a thousand different scenarios, not ever knowing if it would only remain a fleeting fantasy. But on December 6, 2020, the dream became a reality​ as her birth son​ walked through the door! “I recognized his voice before the door opened,” Erin said. “Even though my conscious mind could only remember him cooing as an infant.” As she choked back tears, she managed to say, “Can I have a hug?” Jacob embraced her as she whispered, “I love you.”


I am awestruck each time I witness a birth mother walk across the room and place her precious newborn baby into the arms of an adoptive couple. In that moment of exchange, we witness what the power of love looks like and what it can accomplish. Birth mothers who come to Loving Alternative make an adoption “plan” that is rooted and grounded in love for their child. Mothers who make an adoption plan are not unloving or uncaring. In fact, they are the complete opposite. They choose to embrace agonizing pain and unimaginable loss to accomplish love’s completion for their treasured child.

Erin told Jacob, “Abortion was never a thought for me. You were going to live one way or the other. Just where you’d live was the question.” Erin is grateful for the ministry she received at Living Alternatives’ adoption ministry and the maternity home. It was here she found the support she needed to take the journey of life for Jacob​ over 19 years ago. The same people, the same place, and the same journey, was reborn in this time of reunion.​ Jacob gave Erin his phone number, and the separation of 19 years melted into a new beginning. Erin expressed her gratitude to Jacob’s parents for being all she had ever wanted for him. Although Erin was never a secret to Jacob, this reunion brings a new level of connection as the whole family now fellowships together.

Loving Alternative infant adoption ministry has participated in more than 250 stories like Erin’s. Each one is unique, special, and has its own signature with God’s fingerprint written upon it. Adoption has changed over the years. Now adoptions are more open from the beginning, and many have ongoing contact between birth and adoptive families. But the unchangeable ingredient remains the same⏤the power of love that sacrificially gives. The dictionary defines reunion as: “the act or process of being brought together again as a unified whole.” Erin and Jacob’s reunion is an earthly reflection of a heavenly reality.

When Jesus entered the world, there was a grand celebration. Joy to the world, the Lord has come. Heaven and earth rejoiced at His birth! Today we continue to rejoice for the birth of the newborn King, whose death and resurrection opened the opportunity of life eternal for all. And through His death and resurrection, we have become ​adopted​ sons and daughters of our Father. We look forward to the great day when we will be reunited with Him for eternity. For the joy set before Him, He endured the cross that opened the door to new life for us.

beverly kline

Beverly Kline

Founder of Living Alternatives