The AXIA Center has been such a blessing from the Lord to Living Alternatives and the East Texas community. It is a culmination of so many faith filled dreams to see lives saved, lives restored, and lives brought into eternal relationship with Jesus! Lorah, one of our mommy mentors, has had the privilege to walk alongside a young mom in crisis. Through Godly counsel and support, we are seeing lives like Hailey’s transformed. 

When Hailey first came to Building Blocks, she was shy and seemed depressed. She had recently graduated high school and was in college, pursuing nursing school. Her plans took a different turn when she found out she was pregnant. Her parents were not living close by. She was apprehensive about telling her church and previous youth pastor. The assumed father of the baby avoided her and all responsibility regarding the pregnancy. 

Fast forward 18 months, and we are so proud of Hailey’s decisions and determination. There have been bumps on the road, but Hailey is a strong, determined mother. She boldly revisited her church during her pregnancy and talked with her former youth pastor, who showed love and support. After several job changes amid having an infant, she made the difficult decision to take a break from college and now works hard as a Certified Nurse Assistant. She plans to continue her path to nursing school in the future. After the disappointment of finding out that her housemates were moving out on short notice, she successfully found an apartment of her own and recently settled in. Hailey made the brave decision to pursue the baby’s father, and he is now contributing financially, regularly visiting from Dallas and getting to know his daughter. 

As a young single mom, these obstacles⏤moving, job searches, school decisions, finances, and relationships⏤feel like giant mountains.

Hailey is overcoming them all. Baby girl Phoebe is happy and thriving, and Hailey has a natural glow and knack for being a mom. She has continually sought community, discipleship, and support on this path, and Lorah was honored that she could be a friend and an encouragement along the way.

Hailey’s story is just one of many. God is moving in people’s lives. He is bringing restoration to hopeless situations! We are so grateful for our amazing volunteers, and for the support of our community. God is using you to promote a culture of LIFE in East Texas.

Lorah Ray

Building Blocks Volunteer

Stephen Settle

AXIA Center Director