The Story of Gift

Malebo (which means “Gift” in English) and her 10-year-old daughter moved to the States from South Africa after her husband settled here and took a job as a men’s college soccer coach. She came to Living Alternative’s Building Blocks shop homesick and frightened about dealing with her pregnancy safely amid Covid. Gift struggled with depression and loneliness during pregnancy. Being in a culture unlike her own was difficult. She struggled to get off the couch some days and was sad to see how much time her daughter spent on a screen. Accountability and encouragement grew as Gift’s relationship with her Building Blocks mentor developed. She became more active and spent more quality and creative time with her daughter. Gift and her family found a church they love. She pursued some college classes plus part-time work and attended childbirth classes offered at the AXIA Center.

After baby boy Kaelo was born, Gift enjoyed her very first time out with him at a Building Blocks Workshop! She expressed how much this time was needed and was so happy to meet other moms. The Building Blocks Workshop covered tummy time and reading to their babies. As you can imagine, it was a very sweet time of bonding for all.

As Gift continued attending Building Blocks, her mentor continued to see her blossom confidently. In response to some health issues, Gift and her whole family embarked on a journey of clean eating. She became more physically active, and over time, she gained a community of friends and joined her church choir. Homesickness does not consume her, and Kaelo is thriving. Gift is now the encourager, and she’s a true ‘go-getter.’  We are so glad Gift chose community and growth through Building Blocks during her pregnancy and a challenging season in her life.

Lorah Ray

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