Christa’s sobs echoed in the hallways at Axia. She was pregnant and devastated. Her boyfriend told her he would leave her if she didn’t have an abortion. At that moment, his threat to leave was all she could think about.

As she left, we reassured her that we would walk with her through this pregnancy and help her in any way we could.

Yes, the boyfriend did leave her when she chose to keep her child, and she felt so alone. We kept in close touch with Krista at least every other day.

As we prayed with her for her needs, God provided, and her relationship with the Lord was renewed and strengthened.

Christa is part of a new program at Axia called SIT or Staying in Touch. Our SIT team keeps in contact with girls any way we can, through texting, calling, meeting for lunch, or dropping by their job.

SIT recently started as we saw many girls needing someone to walk alongside them⏤pregnant or not, abortion-minded or not⏤these girls just need guidance.

We have a monthly evening meeting and get together for pizza, games, and a devotional. It’s a safe place where the girls can share the struggles they are going through. We always pray and share the love of the Lord with them.

Christa had a beautiful baby girl last December.

Early one morning, the Lord impressed Christa on my heart. As I began praying for her, a scripture came to mind that I immediately texted her.

Here is her reply:

“Ms. Doreen, I love you so much! Thank you for always pushing me forward and lifting me up. You are truly a Godsend. I am so blessed to have you in my life! I know that God speaks to me through you because it’s almost like you can feel when I need to hear certain things.  Everything He speaks through you is so specific to my needs at that very moment. Thank you for allowing yourself to be His vessel.”

If you would like to be involved and mentor a girl in the SIT program, we would be blessed to have you become a part of what God is doing in their lives. Learn more here:

Doreen Hague

Doreen Hague

Stay in Touch Program Director