Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is the tree of life.
Proverbs 13:12

I found myself in a room filled with smiling, eager-looking people. I was smiling too, in a vain attempt to disguise the hopelessness gripping my heart. There were many wonderful people there, all with the same desire my wife and I had⏤we wanted to adopt. My mind sized things up, weighed the odds, formed predictions, projected outcomes. Based on the number of people attending that training weekend, my faith was severely challenged. How would we ever get picked over so many other couples? 

The training was good, but it only served to build our hopes for what may never happen.  We went home, completed the paperwork process, and waited.  What we hoped would take months took years.  We prayed, cried, grieved, and came full circle, only to do the same thing again and again. 

Three years slipped by, and our hope faded. On our anniversary trip that year, we prayed and surrendered our desperate desire for a child.  We decided to take one more shot at infertility treatments.  If it all failed, we would trust the Lord to help us move forward. 

Unbeknownst to us, as we headed home from our trip, Carol, at Loving Alternative adoption agency, received a call from the hospital. A baby was born with drugs in his system. His birth mother chose to place him for adoption through Loving Alternative to prevent CPS from becoming involved as she hoped to give him the best life possible.

A few days later, I stopped by the salon where my wife was getting her hair done. She was under the hairdryer when her phone rang, so I quickly picked it up. Carol told me details about a precious baby boy and his birth. She asked us to pray to be certain this was the right child for us. In a short time, we knew with complete certainty that we were all in. The next day we transformed our spare room into a nursery and finished the last-minute paperwork. Our son could come home! 

We brought him home the day before my birthday, the day that marked his 2nd week of life. The memory of seeing him for the first time, seeing his mommy hold him for the first time, and getting to hold him myself still brings me to tears.

Our 7-year-old son repeatedly tells us the story of an angel that kept him safe during the storm surrounding his birth.  We know that angel’s staircase is located in the heart of the adoption ministry of Living Alternatives.

A Loving Alternative Father

Carol Morgan

Carol Morgan

Loving Alternative Program Director